No Gods Demo 2015

by Dropset

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released December 23, 2015

Recorded by Jason Frye @ Son of Sun studios.
Artwork by Dan Tibbals



all rights reserved


Dropset London, UK

Ry - Guitar
Murray - Vocals
Sonny - Bass
Tom - Drums
Ian - Guitar

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Track Name: Redeemer
I caused you the pain you feel,
I've poured out all my hatred!
Multiplied by the pain you caused me!
I am death, and this is my judgement!

Time ticks and the reaper closes in,
Death rips and you're broken now!
All is lost and you see you cannot win!
Last thoughts to your broken vow!

No peace as you drown in misery,
All that's left is to suffer now!
You repent even though it cannot be!
No redemption will be allowed!

This is the day of your reckoning!
You will pay for your fucking sins!

This is how you burn forever!
Vengeance is the letting of your blood!
Track Name: No Gods
No God
No peace
No prayers
No saviour at all

Preying on the weak
When it's solace they seek
When it's help that they need
No saints, No good deeds

There is no God!
You're all alone
Only demons
Devils, and man!
Track Name: Kiss of Death
Unchecked aggression
Unleashed on you!
I won't stop
Until I'm through!

Relentless hatred!
Untempered violence!
Pour myself out,
Until you're silenced!

Watching you suffer,
With a smile on my face!
You live in the gutter!
You're a fucking disgrace!

I embrace the demons
That give me guidance
Can't stop the hatred
Can't stop the violence
Track Name: Choke on Life
We all die alone!

God please save my soul!

I'm burning!

There is no limit to how much a soul can burn!
Through hollow eyes I'm blistering from the inside out!
Save this rotten soul!
Free me from these god forsaken chains!

Demons preying on consequence,
Making me question every fucking move!
All my doubts are suffocating me!
Making me choke on life!

I can't breathe!

Only the ruthless remain!
Choke on life and drop the fucking hammer!