The Dark Order

by Dropset

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released September 5, 2016

Produced by Meyrick de la Fuente @ Floodgate Audio.

Artwork by Dave Black.

Band Photos by Ase Nko @A.K Images.



all rights reserved


Dropset London, UK

Ry - Guitar
Murray - Vocals
Sonny - Bass
Tom - Drums
Ian - Guitar

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Track Name: The March
There will be no fucking mercy
There is nowhere to hide
This is Dropset Silverback hardcore
And you are all fucked!

This is a world that's fucking dead to me
I'll start a war with everything I see
The weakness, the hate, the apathy
Kill everything the only way I'll find peace.

Head first into war!

Drop everyone of you motherfuckers
Anyone that gets in my way!

No one survives

Your life is mine

You're out of time

Your life is mine
Track Name: Cries of the crucified
I saw the face of God
And he wept at my power
All you know
Up in flames

I saw the face of God
And he wept at my horror
Your saints crucified
This is the end of days

I will be the one to drive the nail
I am your God now
I feed on your sorrow and pain

Requires contrition
On judgement day
Your God will beg me for forgiveness

Face reality
Face this horror
No forgiveness
Only sorrow

Face reality
Face this horror
No forgiveness
Only death

You bleed fear like a stuck fucking pig
You are weak and you will burn

You will suffer

By my hands

Track Name: Tempered in Hell
The days they stretch for miles
And the minutes, they burn
No matter where I turn
I can't escape this hurt

Humanity has left me broken
This life, Sanctified with blood and fire

I am in a world of pain

You will feel this world of pain

I take my suffering and lay it at your feet
This world will pay
I will make this world fucking pay
I will be the demon
That drags humanity into a new dark age

No sympathy for the weak!
These are the days of the savage
Nothing is left for the meek!

I am in a world of pain

You will feel this world of pain

Nothing will be left
Nothing will be left in my wake
Your days are fucking numbered
I'm taking you out


I will bring you the pain you fear
I will rain down endless misery
I will bring you chaos
Into darkness we descend, I bring you war!

I bring you war